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In preparation for our upcoming production of Richard III, we here at Folger Theatre have been thinking quite a bit about that unfortunate king. Given that last week I compared Richard II to a Bonnie Raitt ballad, it only made sense this week to do something equally ridiculous, and to compare Richard III to another famous villain from literature. Without further ado, here are eleven comparisons between King Richard III and Lord Voldemort. Let us know who YOU think is the more diabolical…

1. Betrayal That Leads to Their Demise

Voldemort: Narcissa Malfoy telling him that Harry is dead

Richard III: Lord Stanley refusing to bring up his men

2. Physical Deformity

Voldemort: No nose, occasionally lacks a body and lives on the back of Professor Quirrell’s head

Richard III: Shriveled arm, hunchback

3. Henchmen

Voldemort: Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy, Peter Pettigrew, ect.

Richard III: Buckingham, Tyrrel, Catesby, ect.

4. Associated Animal

Voldemort: Snake

Richard III: Boar

5. Killing Curse

Voldemort: “Avada Kedavra”

Richard III: “Cancel his bond of life dear God I pray / That I may live to say the dog is dead!”

6. Best Animal Friend

Voldemort: Nagini

Richard III: Horse

7. Prophesy That Leads to Their Death

Voldemort: “Neither can live while the other survives”

Richard III:  A bard of Ireland told me once / I should not live long after I saw Richmond”

8. Nickname

Voldemort: “He Who Must Not Be Named”

Richard III: “Mis-shapen Dick”

9. What The Ghosts of Their Enemies Say

Voldemort: “You must get to the Portkey”

Richard III: Despair and die”

10. Final Battle

Voldemort: Battle of Hogwarts (May 2, 1998)

Richard III: Battle of Bosworth Field (August 22, 1485)

 11. Burial

Voldemort: Unknown. In the film, he disintegrates into a million pieces. In the book, his body is laid “in a chamber off the Hall”

Richard III: Under a car park in Leicester

Speaking of Richard III’s final resting place, the fieldwork director who discovered his body and the geneticist who identified it are coming to the Folger on February 5th to speak about their work. Join us!