Hello! Emily Trask here with the results of the neigh-impossible game I concocted for last week’s blog. Thank you to those of you who tried your hand at it. It was fun reading your responses!

This matching game is actually somewhat similar to the way Basset (the card game featured in The Gaming Table) works: It’s pure chance! (provided, of course, that you don’t have personal knowledge of all the actors individually, and their Game Night tendencies).

We as “rational beings” (as my character Valeria would say) attempt to create patterns and strategies to feel like we have some control over the outcome when playing a game like Basset, Roulette, the Lottery, or, in this case, a Matching game where there is no particular trick or pattern. We have lucky numbers, blow on our dice, pick a “book of hearts,” or always bet on black. But the reality is Lady Luck is always at the wheel for these kind of games, with fuzzy dice hanging from her rear view mirror, no doubt.

So, without further explanation or ado, the game choices of the cast/characters of The Gaming Table:

Julie Jesneck a.k.a. Lady Reveller – Settlers of Catan

Emily Townley a.k.a. Alpiew –  Celebrity

Marcus Kyd a.k.a. Lord Worthy – Chess

Katie deBuys a.k.a. Lady Lucy – Scrabble

Darius Pierce a.k.a. Mr. Sago – Risk

Michael Willis a.k.a. Sir Plainman – Texas Hold ‘Em

Emily Trask a.k.a. Valeria – Spoons

Michael Milligan a.k.a. Sir James Courtly – Axis and Allies

Tonya Beckman Ross a.k.a. Mrs. Sago – Hangman

Robbie Gay a.k.a. Ensign Lovely – Black Jack

Ashley Ivey a.k.a. Buckle – Chutes and Ladders

Michael Glenn a.k.a. Captain Hearty – Liar’s Dice

Although a few of you had some valiant matches, it seems The House Wins this round. But don’t worry! There will be more chances to win tickets—either on the blog or on the Folger Theatre Facebook page in the coming weeks.


“my favorite is chess… but I’m sure Worthy’s is solitaire” – Marcus Kyd